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All Imaginook's camps are STEAM based. We also teach kids to be creative, independent critical thinkers by giving them open-ended questions and assignments.


Paper Wonders

M-F, April 22-26, 2019

Kids learned how to transform paper into toys and artwork,  create automata toys, roller coaster, collage, origami, and more.

Paper Wonders was a 5-day camp for children  5-12 y.o.

What did we make during this camp?

Kids created: individual and group marble runs, a group roller coaster, an individual mechanical toy, masks, collages, a shadow theater.

Everything was created by students with a minimum adult help, using paper as a main area of exploration.

Mechanical toy by Dasha, 8 y.o. created during Spring Break Camp - Paper Wonders.

Students wear flat masks they created

Roller Coaster Project