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Spring Magical Workshop
Saturday, March 18, 3-6 pm

This spring, first we will stop by a Fairy Village to chat with Garden Fairies and then continue our magical journey to catch a Leprechaun after we will build an elaborate Leprechaun trap. Fairy dust is included!

Please, bring your own snack.

Price: $65 per 3-hour Arts and Crafts Workshop.

Saturday, March 18, 3-6 pm

Instructors - Ms.Viviane, Ms.Olga


Bring your friends to our studio's events and fun nights!

These events are for kids of different ages filled with games, arts, crafts, and laugh!

Quick rules for events and camps:

  • max 12 participants per event;

  • please, bring your own snacks;

  • for more rules for events and camps, please check here.

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