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Friday, October 9, 7 pm

Watercolor Paint Night! Bring your friends for a relaxing evening



Friday, October 16, 7 pm

Relaxing Paint Night! Free your creativity and relax. This is 2-hour drawing session.



Friday, October 23, 7 pm

Try oils with us! We will paint beautiful sunflowers today.

List of materials for online participants:

For watercolor sessions:

a watercolor set of minimum 12 colors (24 or 36 colors is better) Windsor&Newton (or other brands you have in your hand),  watercolor paper 9*12 or 11*15, cold press (my favorite is Strathmore brand), watercolor brushes, sizes #8 or 10, #5 or 6, #1-3, pencil, eraser, a water jar (I prefer to have 2 of them), scraps of paper for trials and errors, palette - you can use a white ceramic or plastic plate.

For best results mount the watercolor paper on the drawing board using the paper or artistic tape.

For drawing sessions: Drawing paper 9*12 or 11*15, pencil, ink pen or Sharpie pen.

For oil sessions:

Water-mixable Oil Paint  Windsor&Newton 37ml

Titanium White, Lemon Yellow Hue, Ochre Yellow, Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, Phtalo Blue, Phtalo Green, Burnt Umbra. You can add Magenta, Cadmium Red light and Orange if you want. 

Paint Brushes: synthetic flat #6, #4, round #4, #2 .

Palette: wooden simple palette or palette paper block 9”x12".

Canvas: up to you, 9”x12” to 16”x20”

Paper for sketching, 9"x12" printer paper.


adults, teens

Bring your friends to our studio's paint night!

Each of the participants will create their own masterpiece guided by our wonderful teacher.

We will spend 2-3 hours painting, talking, and laughing! We follow social distance guidelines. Masks are required. Or join us online for the art evening!


No previous experience is necessary and all materials are provided for the in-studio event. Online participants - make sure you have the necessary materials to participate.

​Cost: $45 per person, $25 for online participants.

Special price for teens: $35 in-studio (use coupon TEENSNIGHT at checkout).


Studio address:

39675 Cedar Blvd, Suite 135, Newark, CA   first floor

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