Christmas Party, December 2018:

More images from the Christmas Party is here.

Olga dressed up as a train driver
Tetiana dressed up as Rudolf
Christmas tree decoration
Polar Express
Participants are drawing on the wall
Participants decorate Christmas tree
Game at the party
puzzle solving activities
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Meet the Artist: Julia Kosivchuk, January 2019

More images from Julia Kosivchuk's book presentation is here.

Julia, presents her book
Julia shows toys made by her
Julia and Ganna, who won the raffle
Julia is talking to the audience
Toys, made by Julia
Audience is listening to Julia's sto
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Opening Reception for Self Portrait: Beyond the Reflection, March 2019

Group photo of the opening reception
Conversation at the reception
People looking at the exposition
Olena is making her own Self Portrai
Exploring artwork
Kids corner at the reception
Olga Tymoshchuk with her artwork
Olga with her artwork on the background (3-D)
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Pysanka Workshop, April 2019

Beginning of the process
Applying the lines to the raw egg
Special device is used to put wax
Wax, egg, candle on the table
Lady is dipping a pysachok into wax
Removing a wax from the egg
An egg, after applying yellow color
A girl, warming wax up to remove
Applying lines to the egg
Eggs on display
Removing wax from the egg
Design is revealed
Kids' eggs
One step before removing wax
Young lady's egg
Beginning of the wax removal
Some eggs are on display
Eggs, made during workshop
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