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My World: Ukraine
Мій Світ: Україна

Now on display

Young artists 5-16 y.o. from the Bay Area and Ukraine submitted their works for this Art Show to tell the story of Ukraine. What it means to them. Their love, nostalgia, hope, and tears.... all in the Art Show "My World: Ukraine".

The goal of the show is to popularize Ukrainian culture and raise community awareness of the war in Ukraine. Venue of the show: Imaginook Art Studio, local libraries & galleries. 

This is an ongoing project, so if your kid(s) want to submit thier works, please, use a form below or contact us.


On February 24, 2022, russia* launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine and the Ukrainian-russian War (also known as the russo-Ukrainian War) began. The first stage of war started in 2014 with the annexation of Crimea and Eastern regions of Ukraine by russian troops.

To this day, Ukrainian cities are constantly under attack and so many people lost their lives and homes. Millions of people fled the country, thousands were killed, or wounded. Many families with young kids found refuge in European countries. A small fraction of refugees came to the United States of America.



*deliberate use of lower case out of disrespect for the country.


Art work by Mariika Lysenko

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