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Lovebirds Workshop
with Tatiana Kuvaldina


$75 per participant

Lovebirds Workshop - oil pastels

Saturday, February 10, 11 am - 2 pm

ages 12+

Hi fellow creatives! Ready to learn a new material and have some fun in the process?
I'm Tatiana, an oil pastel artist passionate about painting vibrant and expressive landscapes.
Join me for a new art master class! We're diving into the basics of soft oil pastels –  blending techniques and tricks, color mixing, and texture creation. Let’s get our hands dirty by exploring and freely experimenting.

No mistakes, only creative opportunities.
Get ready for an immersive experience where we'll blend colors, evoke emotions, and together, capture the spring spirit by painting stunning lovebirds. It's all about infusing life and emotion into your artwork!
This is your chance to boost your artistic skills and infuse your creations with a whole new level of expressive power. Come on board, let's have a fun Saturday – painting the lively beauty of spring together!

Duration: 2-3 hours.

Level: all levels are welcome.

All materials are included.

Instructor - Tatiana Kuvaldina

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