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Indian Art

Ethnic Indian Art
with Deepti Saraswat

Ages 6-12 y.o.

Wednesday, 4-5:30 pm

Saturday, 10-11:30 am

Join our Ethnic Indian Art class, where you can learn the unique and breathtaking Madhubani and Gond styles of Indian Art. Our classes involve a comprehensive understanding of the composition of the painting and a brief description of the style of the art. We also teach you the basics of using, mixing, and building up colors in acrylic ethnic art paintings. With Deepti's guidance you through sketching and completing the painting in a set of 4 one-hour classes.


Instructor - Deepti Saraswat

  • We will start with up to 4 students in the class with a plan to grow a class to up to 6 students in the class

  • If we have enough interest we will add Thursday and adult classes as well. Please, contact us if you are interested!

  • All materials are provided

  • No additional fees (no registration, no material fees)

  • Refer us to your friend and receive $10 off, both you and your friend!

Acrylic fishes.jpeg

The word from the artist: "I have been keenly interested and involved with my artistic side ever since a young age though I took up art as a career in 2020.  I have a masters in Arts but not in fine arts. Till 2019 my focus and work background   has been in economics and Finance. I was always creating and enjoying art as a hobby all through my work career. Art has always been something which has attracted me, the beautiful forms and colors whether it is landscapes, florals, just black and white. Its immense capability to transport the artist into a beautiful place through various colors and compositions is what motivates me to create. Another objective in all my paintings is to brighten up, bring happiness and admiration to whoever views it. Growing up in India and having been exposed to different, varied art forms from different states has also been a motivation to adopt those styles of painting and bring some innovation to them. 

In my artistic journey I did not want to restrict myself in the use of various mediums. Though I gravitate towards watercolors I love to express myself in acrylics, oils, and charcoal. Another of my passions is just black and white sketches and the graphic precision which can be achieved with pencil and pen interests me a lot as well.

I have loved to create florals, landscapes, birds inspired by my own photographs taken from my garden or various garden shows, and travel to different places. Have also created ethnic art originating in India in the various tribal groups. To me these are beautiful forms of expression of various themes from mother nature. These are very intricately done and are very graphically oriented. I have been studying , researching and meeting various artists in all my travels to India as well as to other countries.

I feel art is such an inherent form of human expression, what words sometimes fail to say or bring the point across to its audience a piece of art can say volumes silently. As an artist it is incredibly fulfilling to be able to bring my minds vision to life as a physical object."

In appreciation of Art,

Deepti Saraswat

drawing 8-12
digital drawing
sewng 10+

Ages 10 - 16

teens art

Teens Art Class
12-16 y.o.

Friday, 5:15-6:45 pm with Tetiana full


Thursday, 7-8:30 p m with Natalie


The Teens Art Class provides an engaging and educational experience for young artists. This class is designed to teach teens the fundamentals of oil, acrylic, and watercolor  paintings. We will cover subjects as values, light and shadows, principles of composition, mixing colors. With the guidance of a professional artist, teens will gain confidence as they explore their creative potential and produce pieces of art. All levels are welcome.

$140 per month, $35 trial class

Illustration Class
kids, teens
10-16 y.o.

Thursday, 5:30-7 pm with Natalie

Illustrated Cat

Our Illustration Art Class is designed to introduce students to the art of illustration. Students will learn character design, storytelling in pictures, and composition, perspective, contrast, dynamics, light, shadow, values, and color in illustration. Through a lot of sketching practice and drawing assignments, students will be able to develop their unique style. With guidance from our experienced instructor, students will create beautiful illustrations and gain the fundamentals of illustration art.

Ms. Natalie has a MFA in Children's Book Illustration from SF Academy of Art.

$140 per month, $35 trial class

Sewing Class
10-16 y.o.

Thursday 4-5:30 pm with Masha - full

Friday, 5-6:30 pm with Masha

Sewing Machine

Our sewing classes provide the perfect opportunity to learn the basics of sewing and create beautiful garments. We will teach you how to operate a sewing machine, work with patterns, and select the proper fabrics for your projects. You will start with simple assignments and gradually work towards sewing your own clothes. All materials necessary for the projects will be provided.

$140 per month, $35 trial class

Drawing and Sketching Techniques 10-16 y.o.

Tuesday, 5:15-6:45 pm with Masha


1 spot left! Our drawing and sketching classes are the perfect way to improve your drawing skills and step up your creative game! We provide various drawing materials including pastels, markers, and liners, so you can explore different mediums and find the perfect one for you. We will be experimenting with Woodless Graphite Pencils, Liners and Markers, Charcoal, Oil Pastel, will mix and try out! Join us and get ready to create some amazing art.

$140 per month, $35 trial class

Digital Art on Procreate
10-16 y.o.

Thursday, 4-5:30 pm with Natalie


Our digital art classes for kids offer a different way to explore the world of art and design. With our specialized digital art classes, you will learn the fundamentals of creating digital art using the state-of-the-art Procreate app. Learn all tips and tricks of Procreate app to enhance your digital drawing! We will learn drawing basics as well as the use of painting tools, brushes, lines, gestures, layers, and more. From illustrations to digital paintings, you will be able to create amazing art pieces with Ms. Natalie's guidance.

Please, bring your own iPad with Procreate installed. Materials for this class: iPad with a stylus, install apps: Procreate. Procreate supports the following iPad models: 12.9-inch iPad Pro (1st, 2nd and 3rd generation) 11-inch iPad Pro. 10.5-inch iPad Pro. 9.7-inch iPad Pro. iPad (5th, 6th and 7th generation) iPad Air 2 / iPad Air 3. iPad mini 4 / iPad mini 5. IPads can be provided to the students to use during the class. If you need one, please, send us an email (limited suppply).

$140 per month, $35 trial class

Artworks are created by studio's students

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