adults, teens

Saturday, 1-3 pm.

Class canceled, due to COVID-19 quarantine in our area.

Do you want to learn how to make your own jewelry, sew, create beautiful arts&crafts projects?

Start from simple shapes and objects and progress to more complicated objects and techniques. Class is suitable for beginners and intermediate students.

Small groups and friendly atmosphere. 

All materials provided. Teens are welcome.

Instructor - Marina.

The price is $35 per session, $120 per month.

Crafting classes for kids with Marina on weekends are here.


Meet Marina:
"Hi! My name is Marina Gladchenko and I love to draw and paint. I am very passionate about arts and I have been a lover of the arts since I first began crafting more than fifteen years ago. I live in San Ramon, CA using my disciplined education and vast teaching experience to fulfill my true passion in life – the arts. I love teaching children and adults alike to explore their creativity as they master technical skills in an intuitive way."

bracelet with prurple beads