Color Theory

All About Color

adults, teens

Monday, 7-9 pm

November 9 - December 14, 2020

Have you ever wondered why some pictures look so pleasing to the eye? The answer is: it is often because of the right balance between composition and colors. In this 6-class course, you will learn how to work with color in a way to help you achieve the results you want. 

We will cover: the basic principles of color, what is the difference between hues and colors, shades and tints, how colors influence each other, and science behind the color perception.

You will also learn proper mixing techniques, color combinations, and more.

​The price is $180 for the 6-class course. You can join online or in-studio.

Level - all levels.

All materials included.

Option 2: online class with your own materials -$30. Apply code MYCOLORS at checkout. List of materials for this option:

Acrylic paint: Yellow primary, Red primary, Blue primary, White, Black.
Paper: Bristol or Mixed Media paper (smooth).

Ruler, pencil, eraser.

Color Paper (different shades and colors).

The class is taught by Tetiana Taganska.

color flower2.jpg

Images are courtesy of the author, Tetiana Taganska